Working from home

A huge thank you to everyone who has posted on the blog, I have really enjoyed reading through them all. It’s so strange being in school without you all, very quiet too!

As the blog is being updated with new content each week, it can be difficult to keep track of the different tasks set and the online activities you can try so I have created this sticky post (that means it will always stay at the top of the blog) to help us keep track of everything. When new content is added, I will add them to this post too.


Online activities

However, it is equally important to spend time with your family. Get outside (when you can), bake, draw, paint, help around the house and all the other things that are fun ways to spend your time doing! We don’t know how long this way of working will last but let’s make the most of it!

Take care of yourselves and keep me updated with what you get up to at home.

Mr Mathieson

MasterChef – Year 3 edition

As I have been wowed by the amount of delicious food uploaded to the blog I thought it was only fair to share some of my cooking/ meals… a huge thanks to Mr Swallow for the idea.

It would be great to see even more food uploads from those who haven’t got involved yet… If any of you are struggling to upload, feel free to email me:

Try not to laugh at the eggs please 😢

Mr Mathieson

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone in Year 3 and their parents.

We designed this message and colourful eggs to hopefully brighten up everyone’s day who walks or drives past school.  Maybe you’ll see it on one of your walks.

Stay safe.

White Rose Maths

Hi Year 3,

White Rose Maths (the maths scheme we use at Birdwell) are producing weekly maths lessons for each year group.

The lessons are broken down into small steps, just like we do in class. There is a video PowerPoint with each lesson, explaining how to tackle the questions.

You can find the maths activities here:

Do not worry if you have not tried any of the White Rose Maths at home as you can still access the previous weeks’ work.

Let me know how you get on 😎

Mr Mathieson



Mathletics Champions

Well done Year 3 for earning 6600 points on Mathletics this week and congratulations to Hollie and Antonia for their certificates.

Who will get a certificate this week?

What I have been doing at home.

So far at home we have painted rainbows for the NHS and key workers. Also I did a treasure hunt with my mummy, little brother and older sister. I had to follow clues to find the letters that spelt the word at the end. The word was alphabet.

I have cooked lots of food with my mummy and daddy we have made leek and potato soup, tapas and Yorkshire puddings. We have also made things out of egg boxes I made a chick and a octopus.

Lastly I have made my own school logo, my own school uniform and how my school would look like.

When I have finished school work I have been going on Roblox with my friends.


Hi Year 3,

I have attached 2 weeks’ worth of spellings.

It is important that you know what the words mean too. Maybe you could practise them in your working-from-home book by using similar activities to the ones we do in our orange spelling books in class. You could even even get someone to test you on them next week or play some spelling hangman.

Mr Mathieson

What I have been doing

I have been very busy we have been on lots of walks bike riding skateboarding and doing PE with Joe Wicks. I’m not bored yet. My mum has been doing lots of lessons we have done science english reading topic and my favorite maths. I liked learning about volcanos best. I have been cooking im like jamie Oliver now. I made bolagnaose sausage casserole and frittata.