This week in year 3 we have a lot of learning planned for our topic work of Yorkshire!

We are starting to locate Yorkshire on maps and locate Birdwell and Barnsley too! We will also be completing our amazing Pete Mckee artwork using the computer skills we have been developing in class.



1)  earth

2)  early

3)  learn

4) heard

5) search

6) rehearse

Home Learning 24/9/21

Home Learning 24/9/21

Remember Home learning is set on a Friday and should be returned the following Friday if you want it marking. If there is something you don’t get chance to do or forget to do, don’t worry. Keep the book and just collect a home learning slip from the class or check the blog as the home learning is always up on the blog on the day it is handed out.

This week’s home learning is related to our topic focus this week of the Sheffield based artist Pete McKee. We have been drawing in the style of Pete Mckee and learning about him as an artist.

I would like you to draw the people you live with in the style of Pete McKee. This could be drawing one person or a few people. His style is based on comics so don’t forget to include simple colours in your work.

I have also given you a spelling list for Year 3 for you to practice up to 5 spellings of your choice. You could write these in bubble writing to practice, writing in felt tips or show off some sentences include g the words. This is great practice for you to see and learn the spellings of year 3. (You won’t have a test on the ones you pick, this is just for you to practice some spellings at home).

Have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss Housley


This week we have been looking into number lines in our maths work. We have looked into number lines to 100 and 1000!

We also learned about contractions and how important the apostrophe is in a contraction, for example, it is = it’s.

In our topic this week, we have looked at Pete Mckee, the local artist and we have started to learn about his works that can be seen around Sheffield! We will even be drawing our own portrait in the Pete Mckee style.

Miss Housley 🙂

Spellings this week are:

1)  claim

2) praise

3) straight

4) contain

5) brain

6) faint

Home Learning 17.9.21

Home Learning 17/9/21

Wow! What a fantastic start to year 3 we have had. We have jam packed lots of learning into our days and have been very busy. Our home learning this week is based on our new topic ‘Where am I from?’.

Can you find out as many facts about Yorkshire as you can? This includes asking the people you live with about what they know too. Can you write these as sentences in your home learning books? Can you try to include some of your literacy knowledge on expanded noun phrases into your sentences too! (Remember the adjective is before the noun!)

Eg. Yorkshire is famous for yummy Yorkshire puddings.

You can set this home learning out however you like in your books. This can be sentences, a poster on Yorkshire or some bullet point facts with some drawings/pictures!

Home learning is always due in the following Friday. Have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss Housley


Busy Week!

We have had a great start to year 3 and we are so busy with our amazing learning!

Our topic for this year is ‘Where am I from?’. We will be looking closely at the local area and using our map skills to locate the settlements and dwellings in Birdwell and Barnsley!

We have made a great start to this and have learned lots of important facts about Yorkshire and Birdwell!

Our spellings this week are:







Miss Housley 🙂

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!

Here we will share posts and pictures of our amazing learning from the class.

We will also share the spelling lists each week and any important information for the class.

Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday.

Home learning goes home on Fridays and is to be returned the following friday.

The spelling list for the week commencing 6.9.21:

1) eight

2) eighty

3) eighth

4) neighbour

5) sleigh

6) weight

Miss Housley 🙂

Year 3 last Mathletics and TT Rockstar certificates of the year.

Well done Year 3 for all your hard work on Mathletics and TT Rockstars.


Week 6

Week 5

TT Rockstars Superstars

Check out our coding projects so far…


A couple of our projects are ready for you to try out…

Megladon Madness by Daisy and Isla

BLASTER by Olivia, Leo, Lewis and Riley

Candy Bash by Jorja, Sarah & Co

Lion Ambush!!!  By Olivia and Lewis


Take a look inside to see how we coded them!!!


We have lots of examples of video game consoles and memorabilia from across the past few decades (or Mr Swallow’s childhood) so we can see, first-hand what the changes in technology have looked like.

Roman feast day

Welcome to the land of Ancient Rome…where the pizza is truly outstanding!!!

That’s right, we stuck on our best toga, straightened the laurel wreathes and headed to Birdwell Primary School for our end-of-topic celebration!!!


We had gladiatorial games!  A Roman-style feast and (my favourite) a slave auction (kind of like Blind Date but with Mr Swallow as Cilla!)

” slave number 1, if you were a pizza topping, what would you be and why?”…Brilliant!

Roman comic books

We designed our own comic book panels to depict a gladiatorial fight in the colluseum.  After looking at examples of comic books, we realised that the panels rarely just showed the protagonists as viewed from the side.  The best panels did clever things like zoom in on the action and only show the most important elements in each scene.


We copied this idea by taking photographs of our friends at each stage of the ‘fight’ or finding photos online that matched what we wanted.  Just like the comic books Mr Swallow showed us, we focussed upon what mattered in the scene and used framing or zooming to make the action seem real.


The final stage was to trace the photos we had arranged into a comic book style, adapting the clothing and props to give it the Ancient Roman look…see what you think.

Marvel Studios had better watch out!

The land of Ancient Rome…

…right here in our classroom!

Unit & non-unit fractions challenge

First, we had to use the numerator to help us identify how many fractions to colour-in, in all of these different shapes!

If we could do that, we had to use both the numerator and denominator to help us colour in the correct fraction!

Then the real challenge began.  Mr Swallow gave each team 2 hoops.  First, he told us that UNIT FRACTIONS had to go in the green hoop whilst NON-UNIT FRACTIONS had to go in the blue hoop.  Our team had to discuss and sort all of the fraction cards we had made into the correct hoop!

Finally, Mr Swallow changed the criteria for the 2 hoops…we had to put fractions that made a half into the green hoop and those that did not make a half into the blue hoop!

Some of us were challenged further, to use the hoops to sort fractions that were less than a half, from those that were worth more than a half!!!  That meant that we had to use our reasoning skills to decide what to do with those fractions that were worth EXACTLY a half!!!


Starting to construct our Roman buildings

We have been finely honing our design technology skills this year so Mr Swallow set us a 3 lesson challenge!  We only had 3 hrs to work in teams to construct a replica of a famous Roman landmark…take a look at how we are getting on…


We were trained how to safely cut with a craft knife and how to safely use a glue gun with Mr Swallow’s supervision.

Fractions Investigation

We investigated which number could be divided into halves, thirds or quarters.

As we sorted the numbers, we looked for patterns and jotted down possible rules…it turned out that our Times Tables are as useful as ever!!!

Testing our boats