Birdwell from above…

As part of our topic, we have used a range of maps and atlas.  Next, we are going to see what Birdwell looks like from space using ariel photographs.

Can we use them to find our way around and describe what we can see?  Are the photos and up to date representation of our village?  Can we improve them?


Click the link to see BIRDWELL FROM SPACE…

Birdwell sat map

The Hot Chocolate Investigation

OK! So we need to break the evil spell and free ourselves from the hot chocolate enchantment.  To do this, we have to remove the hot chocolate from the water!!!

We split into teams and designed a scientific experiment to see if we could do this.

Each team decided on the equipment they would use and the method in which they would use it.


We planned this out on paper and carried out the experiments…


Friday afternoon at Birdwell Primary


Maxine is proud of her puddings, Reception class are recapping their tricky phonics sounds, Year 1 are doing amazing maths, Year 2 are working in their Maths Challenge books whilst Miss Millington videos them doing their Times table Shootouts, Year 3 are writing in their new Remarkable Writing books, Year 4 are performing movement routines in the hall, Year 5 are in Barnsley on a school visit and Year 6 are learning to teach Mr Swallow how to order  large beer in German!

Just a typical end to our week at Birdwell School.

We have been set a challenge by Mr Swallow

Can we work as a team to design and make a vehicle capable of travelling over a variety of surfaces?  Can we design and carry out a test to find out which team made the best vehicle?

The teams will have to:

  • Research what features different vehicles designs use to cope with different surfaces
  • Contribute ideas & designs of vehicles for the whole team to evaluate
  • Decide, as a team, which features of peoples vehicles to use and which to drop
  • Learn effective joining techniques so that our vehicles are sturdy and strong
  • Design a series of challenges to see how the vehicles cope with different surfaces
  • Test the cars and decide which the winning team is


Let’s see how they’re getting on so far:

Hello world!

Welcome to year 3’s brand new blog.


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Thank you, Mr Bennett